Alpine Medias House – Aurelie Morrison/Gonin

As a director specializing in mountain sports, Aurelie follows athletes up close to create videos of sporting events (Olympic and Paralympic Games, Freeride World Tour, Climbing World Cup…), promotional content for outdoor brands and adventure stories, for all areas of production : live, television, web, social medias. 

With her press card, she demonstrates a journalistic approach.

 She is also a Nikon ambassador, recognized by her peers for the quality of her still and moving images.

Aurelie shares her passion and years of experience as a speaker and trainer. She is the author of two books and numerous articles.

As a producer managing a team of creators, a director involved in the storytelling, a camerawoman looking for the best image or an editor bringing ideas to life, Aurelie is an expert in creating videos for all areas of production

Camerawoman at Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, covering Alpine Skiing for OBS Olympic Channel News
Camerawoman at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, covering Basketball for OBS Olympic Channel News
Director of a series of videos about shooting and editing for Nikon and Adobe
Director, camerawoman and editor for Nendaz Freeride
Director, Camera operator and Editor for The Explorers Network
Director, Camera operator and editor of the new Nikon Z9 camera promotional video
Camerawoman at Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games for OBS Olympic Channel News
Part of the Freeride World Tour team since 2014, Aurelie first came as an editor, before becoming slow-motion operator and then live director and head of production, in charge of the videos for the web, social medias, television and live webcast
As a filmer and editor on IFSC Climbing world cups since 2016, Aurelie is happy to see the evolution of the sport which will be at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (staged in 2021)
Portrait of a skier, a competitor : Leo Slemett, Freeride World Champion
We’re always talking about Freeride, but what does it really mean ? A proposition of answer co-directed with David Arnaud, for Audi and Freeride World Tour
The journey of japanese freerider Taisuke Kusunoki from his home resort to Hakuba, introducing his swedish friend Kristofer Turdell to his culture and to Japow. Video for Peak Performance and Freeride World Tour
Ski ballet is not dead : Mister Good Guide enjoys rock and rolls between crevasses and seracs in Mont-Blanc massif
It’s been a fantastic adventure to meet all these wild animals in Makutsi Safari Spring, South Africa

Aurelie directs lives on sport events, which is perhaps as much pressure as competing in them !

Slow-motion operator
Slow-motion operator

Aurélie shares her experience as a speaker, a host of TV shows and a journalist in the specialized press. She is also a trainer, author of several books, numerous publications and tutorials

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Author of the books « Monter ses vidéos avec Premiere Pro » published by Eyrolles in 2013 and 2020 :

Author of several articles about video published in the magazines Moovee, Mediakwest and Sonovision :